​條 款 及 細 則


All Race For Water participants MUST read the following terms and conditions and accept them upon registration.

參賽資格 Requirements

  1. 參賽者必須於2020年3月8日或以前年滿16歲,未年滿18歲者必須於2019年10月31日或之前填妥及遞交家長或監護人同意書。
    All participants MUST be aged 16 or above on or before 8 March 2020. Participants under 18 years old must submit the parent or guardian consent form to the Organizer on or before 31 October 2019.


  2. 所有參賽者必須於截止報名日期2019年10月31日或之前完成報名手續,當中包括但不限於繳交報名費或/及提供所需文件,並於2019年11月30日前繳交最低籌款額,才獲得參賽資格。
    To be eligible for the race, participants must complete the registration procedure on or before the application deadline (31 October 2019), including but not limited to paying the registration fees and/or providing the required documents; and submitting the minimum donation amount on or before 31 November 2019.


  3. 每名參賽者只可報名參與一項賽事,大會保留限制及拒絕接受報名的決定權。
    Each participant can only enroll in one race category. The Organizer reserves the right to restrict or reject any registration.


  4. 參賽者必須理解比賽所涉及的風險及所需之體能負荷,參賽者有責任確保身體狀況適合參與並能完成比賽。如有疑問,請先咨詢醫生意見。任何懷孕或患有慢性疾病如心臟病及高血壓的人士,皆不宜參賽。大會在得悉或懷疑的情況下,保留取消或不容許任何不合適人士參賽的權利,而參賽者確認將接受主辦機構的決定。
    Participants should understand the potential risks involved in taking part in the race and acknowledge the degree of fitness required. Participants should take the responsibility to ensure that they are physically fit to participate and finish the race. Participants are suggested to seek medical advice in advance if you have doubt. Any person who is pregnant or suffering from any chronic disease such as heart disease or high blood pressure should not participate in the race. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or deny the registration of any person who is known or suspected to have such conditions; and the participant hereby acknowledges that the decision of the Organizer shall be binding upon him/her.

賽事規則 Race Rules

  1. 參賽者必須徒步完成賽事。
    Participants must complete the race course on foot.


  2. 參賽者必須佩帶號碼布(連計時晶片),並扣於胸前及外露,踏上設於起點、終點、沿途的計時墊或計時感應器。如因錯誤佩戴,或參賽者未能踏上所有計時墊或計時感應器而導致成績紀錄失誤,將有機會視為未完成賽事或被取消資格。本會不會為任何成績紀錄失誤負責。
    Participants must bring and display the race bib (with timing chip) clearly visible on chest during the race, and are required to step on the timing mats or timing sensors located at the starting point, finishing point and other timing locations. Any incorrect or inaccurate timing record resulting from any improper use of the race bib or timing chip, or failure to step on all the timing mats or timing sensors may lead to disqualification, or that the relevant applicant may be deemed as not completing the entire course. The Organizer will not be responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate timing record.


  3. 體驗組參賽者不設比賽排名及獎項。
    Participants who take part in the Experience Category are not entitled to any ranking or award of the race.


  4. 號碼布及計時晶片不得轉讓、交換或售賣,如有代跑者,本會將取消參賽者及代跑者之比賽資格,且本會不會作出退款。
    Participants are strictly prohibited from swapping, selling or transferring the race bib and the timing chip. If there is any runner who runs on behalf of a participant, both the runner and the participant will be disqualified, and no refund will be accommodated.


  5. 參賽者必須熟讀路線,緊隨活動路徑前進,嚴禁另走捷徑或非官方路線。參賽者若被發現違規,將會被取消比賽資格。
    Participants should study the race route carefully and follow the instructions and signage set on the route. Racing on unofficial routes or using short-cuts is strictly prohibited and will be disqualified once discovered.


  6. 如參賽者不依照其報名組別時間起步,其將會被取消資格。
    If participants do not start the race according to the specified starting time of his or her registered category, he or she will be disqualified.


  7. 參賽者須在檢查站及水站相關的關閉時間前到達。未能在關閉之前到達所有檢查站及水站的參加者將會被取消資格。
    Participants should pass through all checkpoints and water stations before their respective closing time. Participants who fail to arrive at all checkpoints and water stations before closing will be disqualified.


  8. 42公里參賽者必須於下午2時15分或之前通過檢查站3 (布力徑)。未能於限時前通過檢查站3 (布力徑)的42公里參賽者,會被即時終止42km賽事,參賽者可選擇轉為30公里體驗組參賽者,完成者仍會被視為30公里到達者並可獲得30公里完成證書。但不可競逐30公里賽事獎項。
    The 42km race participants should pass through Checkpoint 3 (Black’s Link) on or before 2:15 p.m. The 42km race participants who fails to pass through Checkpoint 3 (Black’s Link) before the designated time will be cut off from continuing the 42km race, but such participant may choose to complete the 30km race (Experience Category) instead. The 42km participants who finish the 30km race will be considered as 30km race finisher and receive a 30km completion certificate. However, they will not be eligible to get any awards of the 30km race.


  9. 號碼布(連計時晶片)、手提電話、大會提供的揹水竹籃及未開封的5公升水爲揹水一戰的指定裝備。
    Race bib (including timing chip), mobile phone, bamboo basket provided by the Organizer and unopened 5L bottled water are the Mandatory Gears of Race for Water.


  10. 參賽者必須攜帶所有指定裝備走畢全程。大會有權在賽事進行中作裝備檢查,而所有參賽者必須通過於終點的裝備檢查,如欠缺任何指定裝備或指定裝備違規,將會被視為未完成賽事或取消資格。
    Participants must carry all the Mandatory Gears to complete the race. The Organizer reserves the right to conduct random gear checks during the race. All participants must pass through the gear check at the finishing point. Absence of any mandatory gear or violation of any rule relating thereto may lead to disqualification, or that the relevant applicant may be deemed as not completing the entire course.


  11. 參賽者應在比賽途中需檢查揹水竹籃及水有否損壞,如在比賽途中有任何損壞,參賽者須到最近的檢查站或水站更換新竹籃或新水方可繼續行程,嚴禁隨意卸下竹籃或水於任何路段上。
    Participants should check if there is any damage to the bamboo basket and bottled water during the race. In case of any damage during the race, participants should ask for replacement at the nearest checkpoint or water station so as to continue the race. Unloading the bamboo basket or bottled water on the race route is strictly prohibited.


  12. 參賽者在比賽期間卸水或所揹水樽蓋曾經打開,或曾飲用,將會被視為未完成賽事或取消資格。
    If during the race the bottled water is unloaded, or the water bottle is opened or consumed, the relevant participant will be disqualified or considered as not completing the entire course.


  13. 參賽者必須使用大會提供的竹籃及肩帶(不得使用非大會提供的其他容器、背囊或肩帶)揹5公升水。大會只接受參賽者以可循環再用及可卸除的物料於大會提供的肩帶上包上軟墊以增加舒適度;或在竹籃內加有固定水樽位置的物品, 其餘協助性物料一律不可接受, 違規者將會被取消資格。在歸還竹籃及肩帶前必須自行清理及移除一切附加的物料。
    Participants must use the bamboo basket and shoulder straps provided by the Organizer (but not other carrier, backpack or straps) to carry the 5L bottled water. Reusable and removable materials may be used to wrap around the straps to provide comfort or to put into the bamboo basket to fix the position of the water bottle. Other assisting materials will not be allowed. Violators will be disqualified. All add-on materials must be removed before returning the basket and straps to the Organizer.


  14. 參賽者必須自行揹負竹籃及水,各種形式之協助只限於同組隊員之間。如有非隊員在賽事進行期間協助任何參賽者(如揹竹籃或水),該參賽者/隊伍將被取消參賽資格。
    Participants must carry the bamboo basket and bottled water by themselves. Assistance of any kind is only allowed within the team. If there is non-team member providing any support (i.e. carry the bamboo basket and bottled water) during the race, the participant or the team will be disqualified.


  15. 如參賽者因未能預見的體力問題或任何原因未能繼續賽事,必須於最接近之檢查站或水站卸下竹籃及水,並通知在場的工作人員或立即致電賽事熱線通知大會。 該隊伍餘下的隊員可繼續餘下賽事,繼續賽事之相關隊員成績將不獲大會排名。42公里繼續賽事並完成餘下賽事之相關隊員仍可取得ITRA的認可分數。
    If participants could not complete the race due to unforeseen physical conditions or any other reasons, they must unload their bamboo basket and bottled water at the nearest checkpoint or water station. Participants must report to the race officials or immediately call the Event Hotline to notify the Organizer. The remaining team member(s) may continue with the race, but their result will not be ranked. The remaining team member(s) of the 42km race who can complete the race will still obtain the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) points.


  16. 參賽者無論在任何情況下退出是次比賽,已繳交之報名費及捐款將在任何情況下均不獲退還。
    If any participants withdraws from the race for whatever reason, none of the registration fees and donations will be refunded under any circumstances.


  17. 參賽者不得在沿途亂扔垃圾及破壞或騷擾任何植物或動物。
    Littering, damaging or disturbing any flora or fauna is strictly prohibited.


  18. 參賽者不能攜帶任何構成危險或阻礙比賽進行的物品 (例如攻擊性武器、易燃、爆炸性物品或阻礙其他參賽者之物品等)進入比賽範圍,違規者將被即時要求離開賽道及可能交由執法人員跟進。大會保留追究任何觸犯、違反或不遵守香港法例的參賽者的權利。
    Participants must not carry any items that would constitute danger or affect the competition (e.g. offensive weapons, inflammable, explosive or substances affecting other participants) within the race area. Violators will be asked to leave the race track immediately and may be handed to the law enforcement body. The Organizer reserves the right to claim against any participant who violates, or breaches any laws and regulations of Hong Kong.

更改、中斷或取消賽事 Change, terminate or race cancellation

  1. 大會保留因應天氣或道路的實際情況(包括但不限於出現山泥傾瀉、山火、示威活動或路線被阻塞或封閉等的情況)或其他緊急情況下,於賽事前或進行中更改賽道或中斷賽事之權利而無須作另行事前通知。如緊急車輛必須於比賽進行期間使用部份賽道以盡快處理緊急情況,大會可能會暫停賽事。在任何緊急情況下,參賽者必須聽從現場工作人員或執法人員的指示。若此等情況發生,大會將不會退還報名費及捐款。
    The Organizer reserves the right to change the race route or terminate the race without prior notice due to weather conditions, actual road conditions (including but not limited to landslides, hill fires, protests or blockage or closure along the race course) or any other emergency situations. The race may also be temporarily suspended for emergency vehicles to get access to the race course during the race so as to handle any emergency. In case of any emergency situation, participants should follow the instructions of onsite race officials or law enforcement officers. None of the registration fees and donations will be refunded under any of these circumstances.


  2. 如比賽因惡劣天氣、山泥傾瀉、山火、示威活動或路線被堵塞或封閉、不可抗力事件或任何其他原因取消或終止,比賽將不會重辦,所有報名費及捐款將不獲退還。
    If the race is cancelled or terminated due to adverse weather, landslide, hill fire, protest, road blockage or closure, force majeure or any other reason whatsoever, the race will not be rescheduled; all registration fees and donations will not be refunded.

其他 Others

  1. 大會保留使用參賽者的肖像,比賽的聲音,錄像或任何紀錄作為日後活動宣傳之用的權利。
    The Organizer reserves the right to use portrait of the participants, sounds, video or any record of the event for future promotional purpose.


  2. 大會已購買團體人身意外及公眾責任保險,但並不包括個人意外保險,參加者在任何情況下引致他人受傷則不在保障範圍內。參加者須自行承擔在活動期間之所有風險,亦可按需要自行購買其他適合的保險。
    Group Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance is covered by the Organizer. This however does not include personal accident insurance. Participants will not be covered if they cause injury to others under any circumstances. Participants shall be responsible for all his/her own risks during the event and may purchase other suitable insurance by themselves as needed.


  3. 「揹水一戰」屬自願參與性質,參賽者願意承擔一切風險及責任,並無權向主辦機構及其代理人、贊助商、支援機構及/或他們各自的員工和工作人員追討在往返活動場地中、活動過程中或其他原因而引致之自身或他人受傷、意外、死亡或任何形式的損失索償或追究責任。
    Participation in “Race for Water” is strictly voluntary in nature and at each participant’s own risk. Each participant agrees to absolve the Organizer and its agents, the sponsors, the supporting organizations and/or their respective employees and staff members from any and all claims and liabilities whether arising from bodily injury, accident, death or other loss and whether incurred during the event, travelling to or from the event or for any other reason whatsoever.


  4. 上述條款或細則之構成本會與參賽者的協定。非本協定的的訂約方的人士無權根據《合約(第三者權力)條例》(香港法例第623章)執行任何本協議的條款。
    These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between the Organizer and each Participant. A person who is not a party to this agreement shall not have any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Chapter 623 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to enforce any term of this agreement.


  5. 主辦機構保留在任何時候更改任何條款或細則之權利而不作另行通知。如有爭議,主辦機構會保留最終決定權。
    The Organizer reserves the right to amend all the above terms and conditions at any time without further notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Organizer shall be final.


  6. 本條款及細則受香港特別行政區法律的管轄及解釋。
    The terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  7. 若英文本與中文本之間如有任何歧義,則以中文本為準。
    In case of discrepancies between the English and the Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.